Want to work for a luxury brand? Here’s the low-down on luxury retail temp work

6 Apr 2021 / Artisan People

With the stores opening up after the latest lockdown, retail jobs are once again available. Artisan People specialises in temporary jobs in luxury retail, connecting five-star candidates with suitable roles with beauty, skincare, fragrance and clothing brands. We asked our Head of London Retail, for his top tips on the best way to get temporary work with a luxury brand, even if you don’t have any retail experience.

What you need to know about working for a luxury brand

Luxury brands have high expectations of their staff, and customers expect an outstanding experience. So you have to really shine on the shop floor! When you work in a luxury environment, you need to know about the products you’re selling as well as the brand you’re working for so you can engage knowledgeably with customers. Dazzling customers with a great experience is a must – luxury brands need their customers to be taken on a journey that’s immersive, exciting and memorable, and something they’re keen to repeat.


artisan people at work YSL stand

No experience needed

To be considered for work in the luxury retail sector, you don’t necessarily have to have previous experience of luxury retail or even ‘ordinary’ retail. In fact, some people who are now our best performers began without any retail experience at all. But what they did have was a superstar personality, amazing customer service skills and a willingness to learn. So don’t be put off applying – if you’re the right fit for one of our clients, we’ll snap you up and teach you the rest.

Beyond your confidence and sparkle, your personality is hugely important, and we‘ll match you with brand personalities that you’ll fit in well with. For example, some makeup brands are fun and funky, whereas others are more traditional and will therefore need a different delivery.

You don’t have to be a big fan of a particular brand before you start to work for them. However, you must have a passion for the sector because that way we’ll know you’ll enjoy learning more about the products you’re selling. If you would like to work in the makeup sector, for example, you must be enthusiastic and knowledgeable about makeup. After that, we’ll place you with a brand that matches your personality and train you with the necessary product knowledge.


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You’ll be fully trained

As soon as you’re accepted onto Artisan People’s books, you’ll be invited to our own induction training through our Training Foundation. Our Training Foundation will get you prepared for all aspects of your role, such as customer service skills, sales skills, etc. You will also be offered training in all aspects of the brand you’ll be working with and the products you’ll be selling so you have all the information you’ll need and can start shining as soon as you are on the shop floor!


artisan people team in selfridges

Your qualities

In order to wow customers and colleagues in luxury retail, you need to be super confident, proactive and energetic. It’s your job to approach customers and build a rapport with them, asking them questions that will enable you to recommend products. As a temporary consultant, you could find yourself working in a number of departments and will therefore need to be able to quickly build good relationships with your colleagues as well.


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Dress code

With luxury retail brands, the dress code goes beyond simply wearing a uniform; you should really refine your look by taking care of all the small details. For example making sure your uniform is clean and pressed, your hair is neatly styled at all times and any makeup you’re wearing looks fresh throughout the entire day.


Reliability is hugely important in any job, but it is especially important in the luxury market. If you’re reliable and you always try your best, you’ll go far. Go in every day, strive towards your sales and deliver your best service, you’ll get noticed and the employer will ask for you again and again.

If you’re interested in temporary work in luxury retail, call our team on 020 7813 2121 or email your CV to info@artisanpeople.com.


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