Executive Search & Recruitment

Our bespoke approach to recruitment means we provide an outstanding, high-calibre executive search service. We have a permanent team run by experienced recruitment consultants specialising in executive positions for retail, accountancy and finance, as well as office support roles.

Our executive search professionals have a proactive approach to recruitment, which has resulted in the formation of an enviably large pool of potential candidates. As a result, we are able to provide a hand-crafted recruitment service for which we have become well known. Our policy is to meet all our clients so we understand every brand’s vision, ethos and personality, and meet every candidate to understand what makes them tick, enabling us to match the right candidate for every vacancy resulting in successful placement for executive roles time after time.

With clients including leading national and multinational organisations, we always have exceptional opportunities for candidates looking for their next step up. 

Do you have a vacancy to fill? 

Our executive search consultants have many years’ experience in recruitment for their sector, as well as networks, contacts, and the knowledge needed to enable them to recruit highly qualified candidates for your executive team.

After a detailed briefing about the available vacancy, we will have a good understanding of the skills and qualities you are looking for in suitable candidates. We can then select a shortlist of candidates that will be the best fit for the client’s requirements, using our pool of candidates who are actively searching for work, as well as those who may not be proactively looking for a career change but who would consider switching for the right position. 

Thanks to our proactive approach, we have a network of top talent across the country, many of whom are happy in their current role, but who are open to finding out about new opportunities. With such a wide pool of candidates to choose a shortlist from, you’ll be shaking hands with your new executive in no time at all! 

If you are recruiting and are looking for a trusted partner to help you search for the right candidates, please contact:

Permanent Roles
Patrick Jamieson
07979 815 639



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