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Artisan People is renowned as a top museum recruitment agency. We source outstanding candidates for iconic destinations across the UK, including the British Museum, the V&A and the London Transport Museum. Our pool of candidates is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and goes above and beyond to ensure visitors have a memorable experience.

Our museum recruiters are passionate about culture, heritage and tourism, and possess excellent knowledge of the sector. Having worked with many of the country’s most famous museums, they are well-equipped to find candidates that align with your museum’s cultural values, needs and goals.

Our specialised museum recruitment service enables us to attract exactly who you’re looking for. Whether you’re recruiting for temporary or permanent roles, assistants or managers, we’ll handpick brilliant candidates with the right personality and skill set.

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Angel Garcia

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    Why Choose Artisan People?

    Recruiting for any role takes up a lot of time and resources and takes away from your core duties. Specialised recruitment agencies help to alleviate some of the burdens associated with hiring. They maintain networks of candidates who have the expertise and experience that you need.

    At Artisan People, we pride ourselves on being a specialised museum recruitment agency. With our deep understanding of the museum industry and the unique job functions that come with it, we’re able to provide customer service superstars who are perfect for the role. And that’s why our clients choose to put their trust in us.

    We know that when it comes to museum recruitment, cultural fit is important. Many UK museums play a key role in attracting visitors and driving British tourism. Having staff who understand and share those values will create stronger teams and a more productive work environment. And ultimately, this will benefit both your museum and its visitors.

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    Our Process 

    Our expertise in museum staffing is second to none. This is why our museum clients trust us to recruit for vacancies ranging from Seasonal Staff to Retail, Curators to Back Office and Security. You can be as involved as you would like, but many of our clients leave it totally up to us to find the perfect person for the job because they know we’ll deliver.

    Candidate Sourcing: First and foremost, we look for people who have a passion for arts, heritage or tourism so they can engage and excite customers. We ensure that our tailored job adverts reach the right people and attract high-quality candidates. Our recruiters look for approachable and friendly personalities as well as relevant experience or qualifications. In our experience, candidates who are motivated and have a ‘can-do’ attitude are more likely to provide an amazing service. And we train them in everything else.

    Selection Process: We conduct thorough interviews with potential candidates. As part of our personalised service, we handpick candidates who will not only be able to succeed in their role but will also fit in with your museum’s culture. Our interview questions go beyond skills and experience. We focus on uncovering the candidate’s passion for museums and heritage, the cultural alignment, and their ability to provide outstanding customer service.

    Onboarding and Training: Once a candidate is successful and you’re happy that they will be a good fit, we start the onboarding and training process. Our candidates already have a passion for your industry, but they will also receive training in areas specific to their role such as ticketing, scanning technology, museum values etc. So you’ll end up with someone who is both skilled and can provide the best possible visitor experience.

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    Why Specialised Recruitment is Essential for Museums

    Museums face a unique recruitment challenge: securing both technical expertise and a strong cultural fit. This is where specialised recruitment is essential.

    Specialised museum recruitment targets qualified individuals interested in the museum industry. Unlike general recruitment agencies or job boards that cover a wide range of positions, we concentrate our efforts on particular sectors.

    Our specialist recruiters know the ins and outs of the museum world as well as the type of people who will provide a phenomenal customer experience. They look beyond qualifications, assessing a candidate’s passion and alignment with each museum’s mission.

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    Artisan People’s Approach to Museum Recruitment 

    Artisan People prioritises finding candidates who are the perfect fit – skilled individuals who want to contribute to the museum’s unique cultural identity. Our approach emphasises a deep understanding of both the museum and the candidate.

    Our expert recruiters delve deep into each museum’s mission and values to tailor their search. They take the time to get to know the museum environment so they can get a good understanding of what you’re looking for in a new hire.

    Cultural fit is an essential factor that we take into account. During the interview, we prioritise conversations about the museum’s field and each candidate’s motivations. We must handpick fantastic individuals who are genuinely passionate about your museum’s work and who will fit right in with your culture.

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    Success Stories in Museum Staffing 

    “Artisan People can support our resourcing requirements to meet large-scale events and unexpected surges where other providers haven’t. This has enabled us to focus on the priorities of the Centre while ensuring that our existing staff aren’t under any unnecessary pressure. They never complain about a last-minute request and the quality and cultural alignment of the staff they supply is nothing short of exceptional.”

    Matt Hale

    – Head of Visitor Experience, Southbank Centre

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    “Our experience of working with Artisan People has been nothing but positive. The pressures of filling temporary roles at short notice can create added stress, but working with such a professional agency means we don’t have to worry about it. We know the staff will have been thoroughly vetted and most of the time they already understand the London Transport Museum and how we work. It’s amazing! Thanks, Tim and co.”

    Geoff Rowe

    – Deputy Director – Operations, London Transport Museum

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are also some challenges to working in a museum or art gallery. Some of the most common challenges include:

    • At times you work in hectic environments with high numbers of visitors.
    • The need to deal with difficult or demanding visitors.
    • The need to be able to work independently and as part of a team.
    • The pressure to meet deadlines and budget constraints.

    There are many benefits to working in a museum or art gallery. Some of the most common benefits include:

    • The opportunity to work with and learn about art and history.
    • The opportunity to make a difference in the community.
    • The chance to travel and see the world.
    • A flexible work schedule.
    • Work in very friendly environments.

    The hours for working in a museum or art gallery can vary depending on the specific role. However, most visitor facing museum and gallery roles offer flexible hours which usually include evenings and weekends.

    The pay for working in a museum or art gallery varies depending on the specific role, the size of the institution, and the location. However, in general, as many museums and galleries are registered charities, they offer the minimum living wage or slightly higher.

    For visitor facing roles, experience and customer service skills are more important that academic qualifications.

    The qualifications required for working in a museum or art gallery vary depending on the specific role. However, most museum and gallery jobs require a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as art history, history, or museum studies. Some jobs may also require a master’s degree or additional training.

    There are many different roles people can work in museums or art galleries. Some of the most common jobs include:

    Visitor Services: The visitor services team are responsible for visitor care and helping to make a memorable experience.

    Security Guard: All security staff are responsible for visitor safety and security, in addition to protecting the institution’s contents and building. A valid SIA certification is mandatory.

    Curator: Curators are responsible for the care, preservation, and interpretation of the museum or gallery’s collection. They work to acquire new objects, research the history of objects in the collection, and develop exhibitions that tell stories about the objects.

    Educator: Educators work to make the museum or gallery’s collection accessible to the public. They develop educational programs, give public lectures, and lead tours.

    Conservator: Conservators are responsible for the preservation of the museum or gallery’s collection. They work to restore and preserve artefacts, and they develop and implement preservation plans.

    Public relations and marketing: Public relations and marketing professionals are responsible for promoting the museum or gallery to the public. They work to develop marketing campaigns, create social media content, and organise events.

    There are security elements to the visitor services offering of most Museums, Galleries and Visitor Attractions established for safeguarding members of the public.

    You must have a front line licence if you personally perform a licensable front line activity as part of your job.

    You must have a front line or non-front line licence if you (1) you manage, supervise and/or employ individuals who perform licensable activities in their job or (2) you are a director of a company, or partner of a firm, where any other directors, partners or employees of that company or firm perform licensable activities in their job.

    A full explanation can be found <<here>>

    Source: www.gov.uk

    At the time of writing, a SIA Licence costs £190 for 1 licence. Depending on the role and responsibilities included you may need to hold more than 1 licence, so we would advise you to check this with the gov.uk website

    Roles include anything which is providing security to a business and include Door Supervisor, Museum Visitor Assistants, Security Officer, Concierge, Front of House Receptionist, Stewards, CCTV Operator.

    An SIA licence is a compulsory security guard license that any individual or security related business needs before they can undertaking designated activities within the private security industry.

    We work with a variety of venues across London from the British Museum, V&A and Southbank Centre to Kew Gardens, Westminster Abbey and the Roundhouse. See our Museum and Gallery recruitment page for more information.

    No. We’re looking for people who are flexible and motivated, with the right blend of interests and personalities, and often find work for people who have retired from their careers, as well as students and all ages in between.

    No, although we do need you to have a passion for arts and/or heritage so you can engage with customers. We are looking for personalities rather than experience or qualifications – if you’re interested, motivated and have a great can-do attitude, we’ll train you in everything else.

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