The beauty of digital – digital marketing roles in the beauty industry

9 Aug 2023 / Artisan People

You don’t have to be an MUA to work in the beauty industry. Beauty marketing jobs provide the perfect opportunity if you love the world of cosmetics and the world of marketing. As there are plenty of different digital marketing roles available in the beauty industry, we thought it would be useful to look at some of them in more detail. If you’re looking to develop your role with beauty brands but would prefer to be office-based rather than forge a career in beauty retail, digital marketing roles could provide you with what you’re looking for. 

Digital marketing roles within the beauty space

As a digital marketing generalist, you will be working with a variety of disciplines, such as assisting in the delivery of brand strategies to raise brand awareness, including paid campaigns, social media and email marketing, making sure the website is up to date, market research etc. You will be responsible for all aspects of digital marketing, including marketing strategy, marketing campaigns, paid campaigns, content calendars, brand messaging, website content, UX, ecommerce and more. 

If you begin your beauty career as a digital marketing executive, you will have the opportunity to explore all the roles available and specialise in the development of an area that interests you most, whether that’s as an influencer marketing manager, brand manager, content marketing, paid ads/advertising campaigns etc. Alternatively, if you want to progress into management, you’ll need experience in digital marketing as well as project management skills, and be able to keep up to date on all aspects of digital marketing, including social media platforms, software and trends. 

Ecommerce roles

Thanks to the growth of online retail, ecommerce specialists are always in demand. Whether you’re working for a consumer brand or a trade brand, the work of an ecommerce executive is to help maximise conversion opportunities through a combination of analysis and operational management. This is to make sure processes are followed and delivered, ensuring every customer’s journey is optimised to be as smooth as possible. This means that to work in ecommerce roles you’ll need to have a range of web content skills and knowledge of the technologies you’ll be using. 

For the move into ecommerce management, you’ll need additional experience of devising and delivering strategy, performance analysis, an up to date knowledge of the latest and best digital channels to use in order to help drive growth, the ability to manage agencies and third parties, an understanding of commerce, and team leadership skills. 

Social media roles

Social media marketing is a huge part of the beauty industry, offering a wide range of positions. Your responsibilities will include the creation and optimisation of posts and video content, taking care of customer engagement and community management, influencer management, keeping up with the latest marketing initiatives and trends, and analysing data to assess the success of campaigns. You will need to have a strong understanding of social media, good language and communication skills, video editing skills, and an eye for graphics and photography. 

Copywriting roles

The copy on your brand’s website is a hugely important part of digital marketing, helping to get the brand better known and establishing its credentials in order to gain customer trust and loyalty. You will need to have the ability to write copy that is optimised for SEO and is consistently written in the brand’s tone of voice. Great writing, editing and proofreading skills are key, as are a passion for and knowledge of all things beauty. 

Senior digital marketing roles

Digital marketing jobs offer huge opportunities for you to develop your career and manage your own marketing teams. And the bigger the beauty brand, the greater the rewards. Digital marketing is changing all the time, so if you are keen to progress to senior roles, you need to be willing to keep up to date with developments in IT, social media trends and marketing techniques as well as gaining management skills and as much experience in digital marketing and strategy as you can. But with the right skillset and passion, you could go from beauty marketing manager all the way to the beauty boardroom! 

Digital marketing roles in the beauty industry are perfect for any marketeer who has a passion for beauty, so whether you’re looking for an entry level position or your next senior role, keep an eye on our Vacancies for the latest beauty marketing jobs available.


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