Common misconceptions about casual retail jobs

6 Mar 2023 / Artisan People

People often have misconceptions when it comes to casual retail jobs. But, beware of making assumptions, because assumptions are often inaccurate. Here we take a look at some of the most common misconceptions people make about casual retail jobs … and why these misconceptions are wrong!

Misconception: People who do casual retail jobs don’t get trained 

Truth: At Artisan People, everyone receives induction training that covers selling skills and business building. We also train you in any technology you’ll be using, and make sure you have the relevant brand and product training you’ll need. 

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Misconception: Casual retail work isn’t for you if you’re looking for a full-time job

Truth: The main advantage of doing casual retail work is that you’ll be able to prove yourself to the people that matter. When it comes to luxury brands and well known beauty brands, it’s incredibly difficult to get a job because there are so many people applying for jobs with their favourite brands. By signing up for casual retail jobs with Artisan People, you are more likely to get an ‘in’ with your favourite brand – and when you’re on the shop floor, you can show them what you’re made of! So by being on the shop floor and doing the job, supervisors and managers will not only get to know you, they’ll also get to see for themselves how good you are at your job. That means that when a permanent job becomes available, you’re virtually guaranteed to get an interview, and much more likely to be offered the job as a result. 

Misconception: Casual retail jobs don’t lead anywhere

Truth: Quite the opposite. In fact, you’d be surprised by how far you can go! Some of our people who began doing casual retail jobs were not only offered permanent jobs as a result, they also went on to develop successful management careers. 

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Misconception: Casual retail jobs are boring

Truth: If you love people, you’ll never be bored doing a casual retail job. The ability to deliver customer service excellence is an essential element of the job, especially when you’re working for luxury brands. So you’ll be expected to spend time with customers, getting to know them enough to offer them a personalised experience. And even if there aren’t any customers around, there are still plenty of things that need to be done so you’ll always be kept busy. And you can always spend time brushing up on your product knowledge which will allow you to provide even better customer service for the next shopper. 

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Misconception: Casual retail jobs are for people who have no skills

Truth: Not at all. Our casual retail staff have skills they can bring to the shop floor, and all of them are passionate about what they do. You may not need an official qualification, but you do need to know your subject when it comes to beauty, skincare, fragrance and luxury fashion. For example, we only find work for makeup artists (MUAs) who have proven makeover skills. We’ll only ask someone to sell skincare products if they can prove to us they understand how to treat different skin types. Matching people with their passion results in you getting a casual retail job you’ll enjoy and our clients getting fantastic workers who’ll excel at their jobs.

Truth: People who do casual retail jobs are superstars! 

We think people who do casual retail jobs are amazing. Whether you’re looking for a career in retail or need work that fits in with your lifestyle, we’re always on the lookout for retail superstars. If you’re great with people, love making people feel good about themselves, and have a passion for makeup, beauty, skincare, fragrance or luxury fashion brands, get in touch!


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