How to find the best corporate hospitality jobs this summer

7 Jul 2023 / Artisan People

If you’re looking for casual work this summer, have you thought about doing corporate hospitality jobs? 

Corporate hospitality offers great opportunities, whether you need to find a job during the university holidays, or are looking for a side hustle while you study or do other work. This is because there are plenty of roles available for evening or weekend shifts. You’ll be working hard, but there’s no reason why you can’t also have fun. 

Corporate events tend to be lavish affairs which are often held in luxury hotels, conference centres, and exhibition halls, but you could find yourself working in amazing venues and getting to see behind the scenes at iconic places such as tourist attractions, sports arenas, museums, galleries, stately homes, cathedrals, boats, the Houses of Parliament, and maybe even at festivals. Many brands also hire great entertainment to elevate their events, sometimes getting celebrities to perform or speak at the events, so who knows, you could get the chance to see top singers or comedians perform as part of your job!  

What corporate hospitality jobs are available? 

There are a range of corporate hospitality roles available depending on your experience. Waiting staff are the most obvious, but we also need a team of bartenders, marshals and security officers, visitor information staff, washroom attendants, and team leaders. 

Why do businesses hold lavish corporate events?

To be a superstar on our events hospitality team, you need to understand what a brand gets out of holding such a lavish event. It may look like a knees up, but it’s also a serious networking opportunity where business deals are done and bonds created. Companies put a lot of time and money into these events and need to get a return on their investment. 

Every brand needs to stand out from the competition in order to attract new customers or clients as well as retain the loyalty of the ones it already has. By splashing the cash on luxury events held in unusual venues, our clients are providing people with an experience as well as a slap up meal. Let’s face it, we’d all love the opportunity to dress up and have a big night out, and if someone else is footing the bill, they’ll have our undying gratitude! And that’s good for business.

Therefore, your role at these functions is to ensure that everyone has a great time so they will think well of the brand. Sadly, the human being is hard-wired to remember bad experiences over good ones, which is why it’s so necessary for you to provide everyone with a positive experience which adds to, rather than detracts from, each and every guest’s enjoyment of the event.

What experience do you need for corporate hospitality shifts? 

The great thing is that you don’t need previous experience, just the right personality! Customer service excellence is the most important part of the job, so we’re looking for people who are passionate about looking after people and making them feel loved. You’ll need to have a proactive, can-do attitude, and be motivated by making people feel welcome and looked after. 

It’s essential that guests leave having had a great time and feeling thoroughly spoiled. That’s why your personality is more important than experience when it comes to corporate hospitality event roles. You will be a brand ambassador for the client as well as Artisan People, which is why you’ll need to be a total superstar! As long as you’ve got the right attitude and understand why it’s so important to deliver a great service, we’ll train you in everything else! 

Fit the work around your life 

Corporate hospitality roles offer you a great opportunity to earn money in a way that fits around your lifestyle. Many of these functions and events are held in the evenings and at weekends which means you can fit the work around your other obligations, whether that’s studies, childcare, freelancing or other commitments. 

Where to find the best corporate hospitality roles

If you’re looking for roles in the corporate hospitality industry, you’ve come to the right place! We have bookings with clients around the UK, so if you’re looking for hospitality work – or similar jobs – click here to register.


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