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We work with some of the world’s best-known brands to provide staff for corporate hospitality and events. All our Artisan temp superstars are hand-picked to ensure they will not only complement your brand, but also make it shine.

Artisan People Group candidates are chosen for their passion, motivation, positivity and ability to provide exceptional customer service. Whether they’re hired as waiting staff, cocktail bartenders, marshals, visitor information staff, washroom attendants or team leaders, they all have a great ‘can-do’ attitude. We only recruit people who understand they are acting as brand ambassadors and are willing to go out of their way to delight your guests.

Tim Seyner Harness, Founder Director, Artisan People

Tim Seyner Harness

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  • corporate hospitality for festivals


    Festivals are great fun but hard work. Having reliable and diligent professionals helping you behind the scenes will help yours to be a great success. And the fantastic customer service provided by our high-calibre staff will ensure that delighted visitors will want to come back time and time again.

    So whether your festival is showcasing music, food, drink, books, crafts, gardening or any other theme, talk to us about hiring dynamic corporate hospitality staff.

  • Sporting Events

    Prestigious sporting events are a great place to host corporate hospitality and impress clients. We supply staff who will help you run your event, taking care of your guests on your behalf. Our professional and friendly staff will make sure the event runs smoothly, leaving you free to concentrate on networking with your guests and, of course, enjoy the sporting action.

  • Brand Events

    The excitement of new brand and product launches can be infectious. After you’ve gone to the trouble of inviting top customers, influencers, and people from the media and trade press, etc., make sure you hire the kind of staff you can rely on to look after them brilliantly.

    You need your new product and brand to be associated with happy memories, and key to this is a team of brand ambassadors who are trained, ready and motivated to make that happen.

  • Themed Events

    Whatever the theme of your event, Artisan People staff will do your company proud. Our superstars will be more than willing to enter into the spirit of the event, wear costumes, and keep the theme going throughout – all while offering your guests a white-glove service.

    Talk to us about your event, the theme and what your expectations are for our candidates so we can make sure we match you with motivated and enthusiastic stars who will help you make your event shine. Indeed, many of our superstars are actors waiting for their big break, and they’d jump at the chance to get into the spirit of your themed event and give it the performance of their lives.

  • Music Events

    Concerts, gigs and music festivals attract huge crowds, which means they need a lot of staff to look after audience members, ensuring they have a great time and keeping them safe. Marshalling crowds and looking after long queues takes a special kind of personality, and many of our temporary staff are also performers who are used to ‘playing to the crowd’, helping to keep them entertained before the band appears.

    Whatever the music genre, we’ll match you with appropriate staff who are informed, helpful, proactive and enthusiastic.

  • Candidate Requirements

    The majority of our corporate hospitality clients need you for customer-facing roles including waiting staff, cocktail bartenders, marshals, visitor information staff, washroom attendants and team leaders.

    We’re looking for superstars with a ‘can-do’ attitude to provide high-octane, high-quality customer service to our clients and their guests. If you have customer service experience, so much the better, but we’re primarily looking for people with the right personality and work ethic – we’ll give you any training you’ll need in order to do a great job.

    Need temporary work? Love working with people? Get in touch!

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