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2 Mar 2021 / Artisan People

Artisan People has been recruiting for temporary and permanent retail jobs for over 20 years. We have a dazzling, accomplished reputation in the industry, an excellent track record and high retention level with clients and candidates alike. So I think it’s safe to say that we absolutely comprehend what makes an exemplary retail recruitment agency so read on to see how Artisan people make it happen!

Selecting the right candidate for the right role

What is key when it comes to recruitment is the importance of providing the client with a tailor-made service. All our recruiters make sure they understand all aspects of the role from the offset. We spend time to obtain as much information from our clients in order to make sure we only put forward the candidates who offer the razzle-dazzle needed. Matching the right skill set to the right role is essential so that our clients have a strong shortlist of candidates to interview.

We set out all of the benefits and opportunities each job offers. Salary is obviously important, but people are motivated by different things and make their decision based on far more than just salary. We’re looking for the perfect fit!


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Attracting talent

We take a 360° approach when recruiting, and look for great candidates on multiple channels. We don’t just rely on job websites – in fact, while many job ads result in a huge amount of interest but not always the right match for the role So, for maximum impact, we also recruit through word of mouth, recommendations, talent scouting and of course social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, as well as our bank of superstar CVs.

Experience has taught us that, in order to rise above the noise on social media, our job ads need to shine. So, we illustrate every post with a dynamic image and strapline header to make them stand out from the crowd.


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Find Superstars and hang on to them!

Superstars don’t come along very often so they’re worth hanging onto. We’ve built up our own ‘superstar bank’ where we store the CVs of the incredible candidates we meet along the way. If we discover a superstar but don’t have anything suitable for them straight away, we’ll always keep in touch – we know it won’t be long before a role they’re perfect for comes our way!

As a recruiter, you’re always looking for talent. It’s not a 9-5 job. In your personal life, you’re always coming across potential retail superstars when you’re out and about. Hence I always carry a business card with me, especially when I’m out shopping. Or socialising In fact, you’re more likely to come across great people when you’re a customer. So when I have a great experience, and someone’s surprised and delighted me with their service, I’ll give them my business card and tell them to get in touch whenever they’re ready.

Superstars can be found almost anywhere, not just on the shopfloor, so a good recruiter will always have an open mindset when it comes to great talent. For example, I used to go to a local pizza restaurant on a regular basis and was always impressed by a fantastic waiter with amazing customer service skills. He always greeted me by name, and even remembered where I said I was going on holiday and asked me about it afterwards. I ended up recruiting him to a retail position and gave him the training he needed for his new post. He not only dazzled the client with his skills and personality, he continued to excel and is now a global education director!


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Setting them up for success

It’s in our DNA that we’re a bespoke recruitment agency and we will tailor make the right people to the right brand. It’s not enough just to find temporary and permanent staff who we think will be right for the job, we make sure they are right for the job by training them to be perfect for it.

Pre-lockdown we always brought candidates into the office in order to deliver their training in person. This gave us the confidence that they understood what was expected of them, as well as making sure they had the right selling skills, product knowledge, body language, presentation etc.

During the pandemic and its subsequent lockdowns, face-to-face training has obviously been impossible. So we have developed and about to launch Artisan Training Foundation, an elearning platform that will provide all our training and professional development modules to ensure that all our candidates have the right skills to hit the ground running as soon as they get to work.


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Staying in touch

Keeping in touch with our candidates is an important way of keeping them loyal. In permanent recruitment, it’s vital to keep candidates warm, interested and informed. Before their interview, we’ll call them to wish them luck, and also afterwards to find out how they got on.

We’ll also keep in touch with candidates after they’ve been offered the job, especially if they’ve been recruited to a senior position. This is because a lot of people have to give three months’ notice, so we like to keep checking in to keep them excited about their new role, and assured that everything’s OK. We’ll also check in with the candidate and the client after their first day at work to see how it went.

We have the best talent ever!

Throughout the lockdowns, we’ve been working behind the scenes to recruit and train retail superstars who will be ready to work as soon as stores and outlets can open again. Unfortunately, people have been made redundant because of the effect the pandemic has had on businesses etc. This means there are many high calibre candidates with great customer service skills and experience currently looking for work. We’ve snapped up lots of amazing talent and have been setting them up so they’re ready to put the pizzazz back into the retail sector as soon as you can open your doors again.

Call us to have your pick of the best of the best now!


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