It’s showtime! How actors razzle-dazzle on the shop floor

18 Nov 2021 / Artisan People

Why are we so fond of actors?

It’s because they can add so much razzle-dazzle on the shop floor!

When we talk about the ‘shop floor’, we’re not just talking about retail jobs, we’re also talking about work in museums, galleries, exhibitions and historical attractions. These venues can be extremely popular, especially if they have blockbuster exhibitions on, and are therefore likely to have long queues of visitors waiting to get in. This is where actors can really excel by using their acting skills to keep people entertained as they wait. Making sure the crowd remains good natured and good humoured is a key element in the success of any exhibition – if visitors have to wait a long time to get in and are bored while they wait, it will detract from their experience and could well influence their reviews.

At Artisan People, we find a lot of short-term and temporary work for actors – for two reasons. First, our jobs are flexible which enables actors to work the hours that fit around their lifestyle, enabling them to earn a living while they find acting work. And, secondly, when they get an acting job, it’s unlikely to be long term, meaning they’ve always got the safety net of work on the shop floor.

A song and a smile!

Acting is an extroverted profession. Granted, there are quite a few introverted actors, but they understand it’s their job to have a big presences and fill the space. Their job is to entertain, to make people laugh, to make audiences feel they’re talking directly to them, and to encourage everyone to fall in love with them.

Why Actors are great in retail too?

In retail, the ability to engage with customers is vital. It takes a particular type of retail superstar to give the best service – dazzling customers with their ‘nothing is too much trouble’ attitude, product knowledge and ability to make them feel special. In addition to engaging with customers, another important element of great customer service is being proactive. Greeting customers and letting them know you’re there to help is all part of the job. All you need to do is add product knowledge, and you’ve got some sparkling customer service skills!


Why Actors are great in retail too


Razzle-dazzle promotional activities

Actors can truly razzle-dazzle if you’re planning promotional activities or product launches. They’ll catch the attention of passers-by and draw them in to find out more about what’s going on. And as soon as they have the attention of potential customers, you’ve got a potential sale. Selling a product is more than just completing a transaction, it’s about making the customer feel special and encouraging them to become a fan so they’ll remain loyal to your brand. And that begins with promotional activities where trained actors can bring your brand to life in a big way.

If you’re an actor looking for job opportunities that will fit around your acting, click here for more information.

If you’re a client with temporary vacancies for promotional activities, visitor experience jobs, or ticketing, hospitality or retail roles, click here.


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