Finding the right retail fashion job for you

15 Sep 2020 / Artisan People

There’s a lot more to getting a retail fashion job than just having a passion for fashion! This is a hugely competitive market, so knowledge is key. If you’re going to stand a chance of getting into the sector, then you must know about fashion and the fashion industry, keep up with trends and do your research. This is especially key if you want to work with luxury or couture brands.

For example, if your ambition is to work for a high-end fashion brand, then you must have a passion for the brand, know everything there is to know about it and probably even own that brand’s clothing or accessories. You need to convince both us and your interviewers that you not only love the brand but will also be a good ambassador for it in terms of attitude and grooming.

Passion for customer service

With luxury fashion brands, the ability to provide great customer service at all times is essential. You must have the confidence to engage with customers knowledgeably and ask the right questions in order to not just provide them with what they’re looking for, but also offer suggestions for other products to create outfits . You will be expected to keep up with the latest fashion and industry trends and know about the latest seasonal collections, much of which will involve leveraging social media.

Retail fashion can be fast-paced, and you’ll be on your feet a lot, so you need a lot of energy. Most shifts are eight hours, and you must have the same approach to customers at the end of your shift as at the beginning and look presentable throughout the day, refreshing your makeup if need be. In addition, you’ll also be working with stock and carrying out operational tasks, so you must be willing to roll your sleeves up to get the job done.

Temporary roles can lead to a career

Having relevant work experience will count when it comes to permanent jobs in high-end retail fashion. But what if you’re just starting out? One route that has been successful for many of our people is to gain that experience by doing temporary work in retail fashion first. We will provide you with initial training in everything you need to become ‘job ready’ at the Artisan Talent School, including customer service and technology as well as briefings on the fashion brands we believe you are best suited to in terms of passion, personality and personal style.

As soon as you are working, you will be able to prove yourself as a good worker and a great fit with the brand culture, giving you a huge advantage when a vacancy becomes available.

If you have an ambition to get a full-time or part-time job in retail fashion, or if you are looking for temporary or seasonal fashion jobs, get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!


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