Making your passion your career: a career in beauty using your digital marketing degree

21 Apr 2022 / Artisan People

digital marketing

So, you’ve recently finished your digital marketing degree, but you’ve got a dark secret… Your true passion is all things beauty related.  Don’t panic, because you can combine the two! We regularly fill digital marketing roles for our luxury beauty, haircare and skincare clients, so you can make your passion your career. Here are a few examples of positions we’ve recruited for in the past that could be perfect for you: 

Social Media Marketer

Our clients are always looking for people who are social media savvy and up-to-date with the latest trends and platforms.  Candidates who dazzle are the ones who are highly knowledgeable about current beauty trends and products. You’ll need to be creative with excellent writing skills in order to produce engaging, unique content to be published on multiple social media channels. Amazing communication skills are essential for this type of role, because you’ll need to engage with other social media users and offer customer service support. 

Digital Marketing Executive

We tend to keep our eyes peeled for candidates who are all-round digital marketing superstars. This type of role is perfect for someone who likes to dip their toes into all aspects of digital marketing, including social media, paid search, SEO, email marketing and much more. You’ll need to have a positive and energetic approach to work and be able to build brilliant relationships with everyone you meet – these roles will require you to work across multiple teams. 

Ecommerce Executive 

This type of role is perfect for technical and analytical thinkers who LOVE data, are very ambitious, and pay close attention to detail. Being an Ecommerce Executive is all about maximising online conversions and making sure customers have a smooth, seamless online shopping experience. Luxury beauty companies need their online shopping process to run as smoothly and look as glossy as everything else about their brand. 

Paid Search Executive

Paid search advertising is a vital aspect of any digital marketing campaign, and even more so when it comes to the beauty industry as clients want their products to be highly visible online! We often recruit people to run paid search and shopping campaigns for our beauty clients, managing day-to-day spend and regularly analysing campaign performance and offering data-driven insights. 

Graphic Designer

Every beauty brand needs a highly talented Graphic Designer to produce high-end, print-ready artwork for social media, websites, marketing emails, brochures and even packaging. If you have a strong creative flair and would like to explore the world of beauty graphic design, why not have a look at our roles and see if there is anything that would suit you! 

Content Writer

If you are skilled at producing high quality written content, this opens up a wide range of amazing digital marketing opportunities in the beauty industry. This sort of role requires someone with incredible communication and writing skills who can adapt to the tone of voice of the brand, and is able to conduct in-depth research on different beauty products and trends. 

If you have a digital marketing degree and are looking to take the next step in your beauty career, get in touch with our team and see if we can find the perfect opportunity for you!


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