Visitor Services staff members are the public face of the British Museum. Appearance must be of the highest standard and clothing worn must be cleaned, ironed and maintained responsibly.

Shirts should be plain black and long-sleeved. They must be worn with the collar down and be tucked into the trousers or skirt. If sleeves are rolled up, they must be above the elbow. Additional plain black or white garments may be worn underneath for warmth, providing they are not visible through or outside the shirt. T-shirts are not permitted to be worn as exterior garments.

Ties must be black (males and females). These should be worn, unless it is hot weather or a Visitor Services Manager advises otherwise. If no tie is worn, only the top button should be undone.

Trousers must be black and of sufficient length to reach the tops of your shoes, and should not be rolled up. Denim, corduroy, combat or any differently coloured trousers are not allowed. Belts must be plain black or brown with a plain buckle, and not brightly coloured. Skirts must be black and plain, not pleated, and anything other than this should not be worn. Skirts should not be worn above knee length.

Stockings and tights must be neutral coloured, black or navy blue. They should not be patterned or have holes or ladders. Socks must be dark coloured, not patterned and formal in style.

Shoes must be smart, black and polished. It is important that they are comfortable, as you will be on your feet for long periods. High heels, trainers and sandals are not allowed.

Fleeces may be provided in black during extreme cold weather. These are allowed to be fastened or unfastened, and can be removed in warm conditions. Jumpers must be black. These are both optional, but a tie must be worn when wearing a, fleece or jumper.

Staff passes must be visibly worn at all times on a lanyard or clip. Other passes and badges must not be worn, however at appropriate times there may be exceptions e.g. Remembrance Day poppies, first aid and language badges.

Hair should be kept clean at all times and hair accessories must be subtle in style and in a plain, dark colour. Long hair should be tied back or fastened wherever possible to ensure smart appearance. Facial hair must be clean, presentable and well-trimmed.

Jewellery should be kept to a minimum, plain in style and unobtrusive. Chains and nose rings are not permitted, unless for religious reasons. Sunglasses can be worn only during bright weather whilst on post outdoors or in the Great Court, and not in other public spaces.

Make-up should be kept to a minimum and be subtle in style and colour. Tattoos must be covered up wherever possible.

Bags should not be brought on to the galleries.

If any medical, religious or personal requirements mean any aspect of uniform is not able to be worn this should be discussed with a Visitor Services Manager.