The numbers of staff required for the BM to operate as necessary means that communication between us, our staff and the museum needs to be clear and efficient. As such, we operate firm procedures for reporting sickness, absence and lateness.

If you are sick:

If you are unwell and cannot go to work, you need to give us at Artisan People at least 2 hours notice by calling the Artisan Duty Phone (07739 166 197). This could mean calling the night before, or it could mean calling in the morning before you head to work, but in any case, we must have these 2 hours in order to find a replacement to cover your shift. If you start at 0940, 0740am is the latest you must call by. A member of our department will have the duty phone at all times, so it’s never too early to call. You cannot call the office, as it is unlikely that anyone will be here before 0900, and you cannot text or email us. In the unlikely event that you can’t get through on the phone, please leave a voicemail and keep calling – we will get back to you as soon as we receive it.

Once you’ve spoken to us, you will then need to call the Gallery Duty Office (GDO) at the museum (020 7323 8760) in order to report your absence to the management there. You need to do this between the hours of 0900-0930, as the office will be occupied by a manager at this time.

Both parts of this process need to be repeated for every consecutive day of sickness, unless you are told otherwise.

Once you’ve recovered, you need to let us know that you’ll be returning to work. Again, you can do this the day or night before your shift, or in the morning, but as before, we need 2 hours’ notice. You will also need to make a ‘return to work’ call to the GDO once you’ve spoken to us.

If you are late:

If your journey into work is disrupted and you don’t think you’ll get there for your scheduled start time, you need to let us know; again by calling us on the duty phone (07739 166 197). We appreciate that some of these disruptions may only become apparent while you’re underground (and therefore cannot call us), but please let us know as soon as you’re above ground and have reception. Even if it’s just on your walk from the tube station to the museum, any notice you give us is vital. We will then pass this on to the BM – you don’t need to call the Museum in this situation.