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Amanda will never put forward a candidate she has never met. She is very hands-on and will ensure they have the right documentation, credentials and references before introducing them to clients. She will never put forward a candidate unless she believes they are a good professional fit for the vacancy and a great personal fit for the brand.

She will stay with her candidates for their entire recruitment journey, briefing them thoroughly before they begin work or have an interview.

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Amanda Hershman
07766 008 680


Amanda Hershman

Amanda Hershman

Director of Corporate Recruitment Contact
  • Accounting & Finance

    By understanding the market and fostering good relationships with clients, we are able to represent candidates correctly and ensure they are a good cultural fit with a company as well as having the right qualifications.

  • Our ethos and working methods

    We offer a complete recruitment service for permanent roles, although we do occasionally get asked to find candidates for fixed term contracts. We are therefore happy to consider short-term vacancies from 3-6 months upwards.

    Having worked hard to make industry connections, we have contacts with London firms of all sizes across the financial and accountancy sector. We also have a large network of qualified people who are not actively looking for their next job, but who would be happy to consider new opportunities, giving us a larger pool of potential candidates from which to draw up a shortlist. The advantage is that the ideal candidate may not be actively looking for a new position and may not otherwise see the details of your vacancy.

    By offering a bespoke service, we are able to delight clients and candidates alike by finding the best suited person with the right skills and experience to fill each vacancy.

    Our accounting and finance clients are predominantly in the Greater London area, but we also cover the Home Counties and beyond.

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