our expectations

Working with Artisan People produces face-to-face encounters with visitors at some of the most well renowned museums in the UK. Our established client relationships with cultural institutions have grown from striving to meet their excellent standards of visitor service and representing the agency and the host organisation in the best possible manner. Working with the public in such environments can be both rewarding and challenging; our staff should be flexible to deal with unexpected situations, present themselves with professionalism in demeanour and appearance, as well as communicating effectively with others. These guidelines allow you to follow correct procedures whilst working for Artisan People.


We use Doodle, an online calendar,  to collect your availability. A link is sent each month and you can fill in the days you are free to work and update it at anytime. If you don't have the link, please contact the team who can re-send it for you.


When you accept work offered to you, you will receive a confirmation email with all the information included, as well as a timesheet to print out and bring with you. Please read the confirmation carefully and let us know if anything is unclear. 

Please let us know, either at your interview, or before an assignment if you have any special requirements we need to be aware of before you start work.

We expect all staff to arrive for work on-time, at the meeting point detailed in your shift confirmation email.

If for any reason you’re running late for your shift, you must phone the office or emergency phone (if out of hours - 07739 166 197) so we can contact the client. You should call before your shift would have started.

We understand that sometimes things go wrong so if for any reason (sickness or other) you can’t make your shift, you must let us know at the first opportunity so we have a reasonable chance of covering the shift and informing the client. 2 hours notice is the minimum we would expect and any shift cancellations should be done by phone rather than emailing or texting.


  • Be on time, in uniform and introduce yourself to the supervisor when you arrive.
  • Please do not use your phone while on-shift.
  • Be approachable, friendly and helpful to all staff, visitors and customers - if in any doubt, call your supervisor to help.
  • Ensure your timesheet is complete, accurate and is signed before going home.


Breaks are arranged by the venue you will be working at. Please feel free to discuss this when you arrive if the breaks are not clear with your supervisor. For a five hour shift or under, you may not be offered a break, but if you have any issues, do politely bring it up or call the Artisan office or emergency phone.



Dan : danbond@artisanpeople.com 

Ina : ina@artisanpeople.com

Jack: jack@artisanpeople.com

OFFICE: 0207 813 2121

emergency phone : 07739 166 197

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the team and we will be more than happy to help answer your questions.

THE emergency phone

You should call the emergency phone outside of office hours (9am-5.30pm). The duty phone is for:

  • Reporting an illness
  • Cancelling a shift
  • Accepting a shift offered to you

Other inquiries should be dealt with during office hours, such as:

  • Payroll queries
  • General inquiries (You must call the office on 0207 813 21 21)


  1. Call the emergency phone (07739 166 197) – this must be at least 2 hours before your shift starts to give us ample time to arrange someone to cover for you. Of course, if you can notify us days in advance this is better.
  2. If there is no answer – leave a voicemail and we will call you back.

Texting isn’t suitable for calling in sick, and neither is email unless it is absolutely the only way you can contact us for some reason and it would need to be a very good reason. It’s understandable if you are unwell, or if something serious has come up and you cannot attend, but we must be notified as soon as possible so that we can arrange cover. 


At Artisan People you will accrue holiday pay as you work. Any holiday you accrue needs to be taken within a year of your start-date, as it will reset to zero at this point. If you wish to find out how much holiday you have accrued or book some holiday, please email payadmin@artisanpeople.com 

Holiday can take 2 weeks to be processed, so please request any holiday as early as possible.


All museums, galleries and venues have different uniform expectations and your confirmation email will detail any specific uniform guidelines you need to adhere to for that assignment.

However, as standard, these are the typical uniform guidelines.

  • Smart black shirt: The shirt should have collars down and tucked in trousers. If T-shirts are worn underneath these should be black and not visible. In the summer if sleeves are rolled up they must be above the elbow.

  • Trousers: Smart suit trousers that should reach the top of your shoes.

  • Skirt: Smart, formal skirt that should be an appropriate length and plain black.

  • Belt: Plain black or brown with a plain buckle if applicable.

  • Shoes: Plain black, comfortable and polished. No high heels, trainers, pumps or sandals.

  • Jewellery: Minimal, must be plain and discrete. 

  • Tattoos: These should be covered.