Most hours worked by Artisan People staff are agreed by assignment (eg. Full-time, Sunday Only), but it is possible to work in addition to this. There are three varieties of extra shifts/hours at the British Museum:


These hours/shifts are requested by the BM and represent additional hours the BM might ask staff to work for special events (such as Member’s evenings) or particularly busy dates. These hours are available for sign-up in the overtime book (in the admin office at the museum), but will also be requested via us at Artisan People at short notice (either by email or text, usually the day before). For staff that have worked at the BM for 12 weeks and are AWR-qualified, overtime is paid at 1.6x the usual rate of pay. Overtime hours are invoiced separately so need to be recorded on an individual timesheet - there’s one available in the staff area of our website for reference. These are the only hours that need to be recorded in this fashion when working at the BM.

leave cover

These shifts are organised by us at Artisan People to cover our staff’s leave, when this leave is approved in advance by the BM. We send these shifts out periodically via email, usually titled Available Leave Cover Shifts (or similar). Leave cover shifts are paid at the staff member’s standard rate of pay, and should be recorded on their team’s weekly timesheet.

sickness cover

These shifts are organised by us at Artisan People to cover our staff’s sickness or emergency absence at short notice. You will be contacted about these by text or phone call, often on the morning of the shift, and we will be as clear as possible that it’s a sickness cover. Due to the short notice, these shifts are paid at 1.6x the usual rate of pay (if the staff member has reached AWR), and should also be recorded on their team’s weekly timesheet. We (and the BM) keep a record of sicknesses and covers to ensure they are processed correctly and separately to assigned hours.

Staff may work a leave cover or sickness cover shift when their team (and supervisor) aren’t at work – in this case the acting supervisor for the day will need to record the hours for them. Staff can check that their hours are present and correct if they work with their team again before the end of the week, or they can visit the admin office to do so.

We will make as clear as possible which of these categories extra hours belong to when contacting staff about them – please feel free to call or email with any questions when undertaking extra hours.