Events, Promotional and Hospitality

When it comes to temporary positions in events, promotions and hospitality, we’re head and shoulders above the rest. We’ll provide you with great candidates who have the passion, personality and proactive approach needed to enhance the customer experience and help your brand gain loyal fans.

We interview everyone who applies for work with our agency and are very particular about who we take on. In fact we pride ourselves on our ability to pick candidates who are exceptional at what they do, and are well suited to the work available.

Many of our temporary roles require people to engage with members of the public and we find that those with a performing background suit these extremely well. Performers understand how to handle large groups of people, making them ideal to staff events, promotional activities and hospitality work.

Promotional Selling skills

When you’re promoting a new product, you’re looking for staff members who’ll learn all about it so they can talk to people knowledgeably and enthusiastically. As we meet all of our candidates before putting them on our books, we’ll only put forward those who have a passion for your products or services and who have the personalities and motivation to do a great job.

Keeping people happy

At large events, queueing can be quite an issue. We can provide you with staff who will not only deal with people professionally, courteously and assertively, but also have the ability to help entertain them, taking their mind off the length of time they’ve been waiting. When people feel valued, even when they’re queuing, they are much more likely to have a better experience at your event.

As hosts, our staff members will be happy to direct visitors to wherever they need to be, answer questions, look after people who aren’t feeling well, and greet everyone with a friendly smile.


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