Career development with the Artisan Training Foundation

  • You can never have too many skills – it’s impossible! The more training courses you do, it’s fair to say the more employable you become, especially if you’ve completed CPD accredited courses. So if you’re striving for career development and you want to create a superstar CV, you’ve come to the right place. The Artisan Training Foundation offers ways of developing your skills whether or not you’re already an Artisan People superstar.

    The Artisan brand has earned an incredible reputation amongst employers. One reason for this is that we only take on candidates who are highly motivated, have a great attitude and a personality that positively shines. This is vital to our success, but so is the training we offer. Our employers know we’ll make sure all our candidates receive whatever training they need in order to be simply brilliant at their job. This means that even before we find work for you, you’ll get all the training you need in order to shine from day one.

    We always encourage you to continually update your skills and knowledge through continual professional training (CPD), whether you’re looking for ways of updating your customer service skills, Health and Safety knowledge or working towards any certification you need for a temporary or permanent role.

    Why CPD?

    In an increasingly competitive workplace, CPD enables you to self study for the important areas of your personal development and stand out from other candidates. CPD Certifications are universally recognised when seen on your CV and are often a pre-requisite for many vacancies.

    Incredible value

    If you want to improve your professional skills, the Artisan Training Foundation will help you boost your chances of getting a great job. Our courses are only £25 each, making them a hugely affordable investment in your future. You can do them at your own pace and in your own time so you can fit them around your current work and lifestyle. At the end of the course you’ll take a test and, once you pass, you’ll be emailed a certificate to prove you’ve successfully completed the course.


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