Why our Temps Love Museum Jobs

11 Apr 2023 / Artisan People

National Museum Jobs in London

If you’re looking for temporary national museum jobs, you probably already know they’re not easy to come by. So, we’ll let you in on a little secret: we often have temporary museum jobs available! We’re always looking out for candidates keen to work in some of the best known and best loved museums in London, including the British Museum – possibly the world’s leading museum.

“Great pay in some of the biggest museums and galleries in the country.”

The best known and most visited museums are always looking for temporary staff, especially during the summer months when London is buzzing with visitors. This makes the work especially attractive to history students looking for a summer job, but we work with people of all ages and backgrounds – it’s your love of history that we’re looking for.

We have a variety of roles on offer such as retail assistants, ushers/queue busters, ticketing assistants, gallery invigilators and door supervisors. If you have an interest in history and heritage, are looking for temporary work you know you’re going to love, are great with people, and understand the importance of providing excellent customer service, register with us and send us your CV.

“I use this as a second job, so it offers great flexibility. I have had work in fantastic places and without exception have been treated wonderfully by each of them.”

What many temps love about temporary museum jobs is that they can fit their temp work around everything else, whether it’s studies, responsibilities, lifestyle, or even another job.

“I’ve worked with Artisan People on several assignments with the Museums and Galleries sectors. The flexibility of temping has enabled me to work when I want to – and always with major institutions.”

With museums open seven days a week, weekend work is always available. There is more temporary work available when museums hold blockbuster exhibitions, often with opportunities for evening shifts, which means it can fit around your studies or lifestyle.

“A flexible job to keep on the side with a variety of shifts at different places, including many prominent galleries, museums, and other art venues. Plus, it’s a great way to meet new people.”

Our temps love the opportunities we give them to work in interesting places and meet like-minded people.

“(Artisan People) got me my first job in the Museums and Galleries sector in 2007, I worked for them for around 18 months then went to Uni. They got me temp work over all of the summer holidays when I would come back to London. When I moved back to London in 2015, they got me straight back into work and eventually got me a management position in a prestigious gallery at the end of 2016, where I am currently working. I now liaise with them regularly as their client when they send me Temps, who are always great guys.”

Getting temporary roles in museums can lead to bigger things! Museum job vacancies are few and far between, so one of the biggest challenges is getting a foot in the door. If your heart’s set on a museum career, a temporary museum job will help you get your foot in the door where you can make connections and show them what you’re made of! That way, when the perfect job does come along, you’ll be in a much better position having already had the opportunity to impress the people who count.

“The training provided is very thorough. I appreciate that the agency takes the time to make sure all temps are fully briefed and clear on expectations.”

Don’t worry if you don’t already have experience working in a museum – if you have a passion for history, a positive, can-do attitude, excellent interpersonal skills, and have what it takes to be a customer service superstar, we’ll train you!

Interested? Get in touch for more information, or send us your CV. You never know when you could get an exciting opportunity to work in a world famous museum or heritage attraction!


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