Luxury fashion retail jobs – a totally stylish career

6 Oct 2023 / Artisan People

If you’re a fan of luxury fashion, getting a fashion retail job with your favourite brand is probably a career ambition. Jobs with luxury fashion houses are hugely sought after, but if you’re passionate about your favourite brand, have great customer service skills, and are prepared to work hard and be flexible about your career path, there are ways of getting your dream job.

Careers in luxury fashion retail

There are a huge number of career opportunities in luxury fashion retail, from retail management opportunities both in store and office based, to being a buyer, or working in marketing and social media, ecommerce, finance, HR. Whatever your future ambitions, the most important step is getting a job with the brand so you can show everyone exactly what you’re made of.

Getting your foot in the door

The first thing you need to realise is that for every job vacancy advertised with a luxury fashion brand, there’ll be hundreds of applicants. Many of these applicants will be perfectly suited for the job, just like you, which means you really need to do something that will help you stand out from the crowd. When you’re just starting out on your luxury fashion career, the best way of standing out from the crowd is to have someone who already works with the brand give you a recommendation. And the best way of obtaining that is to already be working for the brand, which will give you the opportunity to prove your worth and create your own future.

You’re used to hearing about successful business people starting at the bottom and working their way up, so why not join them?

We can help you with that first step

We have lots of luxury fashion retail jobs available around the UK providing the perfect opportunity for you to begin a stellar career. We have temporary and permanent jobs with luxury fashion retailers such as Selfridges, Harrods and Liberty, as well as jobs with luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, DKNY, and Chanel.

We always recruit based on attitude which we know is far more important than work experience – we’re looking for positive, passionate, outgoing, self-motivated people with a can-do attitude.. All other skills can be learnt, so don’t let not having experience get in the way. So, if you’re ready to shine on the shop floor, get in touch!

The rest is up to you

As soon as you have a job working for your favourite fashion brand, it’s time to prove yourself. Luxury shoppers expect a great customer experience so it’s up to you to provide it. That’s why we say that attitude is far more important than experience – we’re looking for people who are always willing and able to delight customers.

If your customers are happy, your managers will be happy, and they’ll be the people who will support your career. For example, getting a temporary job with the brand you ultimately want to work for is a great first step.

As soon as you’re on the sales floor, you can show everyone what you’re made of! Do a great job and you’ll impress your supervisors and managers. Then, as soon as a permanent job becomes available, they’ll be only too happy to help you. They’ll tell you what you need to put in your application in order to impress and, crucially, they’ll also put a good word in with the people involved in the recruitment process. Your CV will rise to the top of the pile because of those recommendations, virtually guaranteeing you’ll get an interview and giving you a much better chance of being offered the job.

And that’s the point at which you can start creating your own opportunities to progress your future career.

Want us to help you get that first job in luxury fashion retail?

We don’t want people who will just serve customers, we’re looking for people who’ll give customers a high quality in store experience that will not only delight them into leaving with a bag full of purchases, it’ll keep them coming back again and again. We’re looking for people who know everything there is to know about the fashion industry, luxury retail, and industry trends, and live, sleep and breathe their favourite brand.

Sound like you? Send us your CV or check out our current vacancies for all the job opportunities we have available. We are currently recruiting for Christmas temps which will provide you with a brilliant opportunity to start your luxury fashion journey.


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