10 reasons our temps love working in London airports

7 Feb 2023 / Artisan People

Airport Jobs London

Airport jobs in London are in high demand, offering exciting career opportunities for people from all walks of life. With London’s airports at the forefront of international travel, there’s a diverse range of retail positions available. If you’re looking for a fast-paced work environment in one of the world’s most vibrant cities, then a career in airport jobs in London could be just what you’re looking for!

The majority of us will have been to one of London’s busy, flourishing airports, whether for travel or picking up/dropping off a loved one on their own adventure. But, the question is, how many of us have been behind the scenes? Working in Airside retail not only grants you access to the mysterious inner workings of London’s renowned airports such as Gatwick, Heathrow or Stansted, it also has a multitude of benefits for you.


Firstly, there are so many options to choose from when selecting the right airside role for you. Take a moment to consider which industry you would like to be involved in – there will almost definitely be a retailer within the airside retail sector that would suit you and your career aspirations, whether it’s  Beauty, Travel, Finances, Tech, or Food. The possibilities are both varied and endless.

Regular shifts

Job security and assurance has always been essential to any employee in any sector – during a cost of living crisis, now more than ever. It is a generosity that isn’t always afforded by many temps. The same cannot be said for airport jobs, temp or otherwise.

At a London airport like Heathrow, once you have your airside pass you will be considered for all available shifts. Essentially, this grants you more opportunities to work, earn money and feel secure in your role.


As an employer it is important to understand that staff have lives outside of work.  Although professional boundaries may be in place, things can sometimes seep through and are not always avoidable. When working at a London airport, this has been taken into consideration. You’re able to fit work around your lifestyle – for example home commitments, university or college. With shifts operating 24/7, there is something for everyone and you can respond to your other responsibilities with the knowledge that your work commitments are covered.

Paid weekly

Those who have been on a monthly wage will understand how sometimes waiting until the end of the month to pay your bills or be able to buy that something special you’ve been looking at, can be difficult. This is an issue that our airport employees don’t have to deal with. Once you have received your airside training, you will be paid weekly. This means no more penny-pinching until the end of the month, no more saying no to social plans because you’ve run out of wages, and no more waiting to buy that special treat item we all think of when we think of pay day.


It’s fair to say that there is a social aspect in all retail jobs. What makes working airside that bit more special is that you have the opportunity to talk to people of all ages and walks of life. One moment, you’re assisting an elderly man buying a souvenir for his grandchildren, the next you’re helping a teenage girl make a purchase whilst she’s excitedly preparing for her first holiday without her parents, and everyone in between! You’ll struggle to have the same conversion twice in a row, keeping things different and exciting. It truly is a different way of working in retail.

Practise your language skills

With all airports acting as an international stepping stone for travellers, it is a hub in which you will find people from all over the world with different cultures and languages. This makes working in this environment the ideal place to show off your language skills. Whether you’re bilingual, multilingual or are simply trying to learn, you will find the perfect opportunities to use your skills, and impress a customer in the process!

High energy environment

The hustle and bustle of an airport is not just something experienced by those trying to catch their flight on time. An airport is a busy, high energy environment in which you need to keep up and be on your toes. This comes as a huge advantage as there won’t be any ‘clock-watching’ going on during your shift. It’ll be hometime before you know it!

Fun working environment

You’ll meet hundreds of people every day from different walks of life who you’d never get the chance to interact with in any other situation. You’ll get to learn new things about people and the world at every opportunity. And you’ll have fun, friendly colleagues to share your work day with. For these reasons and more, working airside gives you the chance to experience new and different scenarios you just wouldn’t get in any other workplace and ensures that no two shifts are ever the same.

Career launching

Just because your career journey began in a temp position, it doesn’t mean your journey will end there. Many of our temps gain the opportunity to progress to full time careers within the airports, and have been hugely successful in their roles. By accepting a temp position, you’re essentially getting your foot in the door. Once you’ve achieved this, the world (or the airport, in this case) is your oyster!

Represent amazing brands

Finally, and perhaps the most exciting benefit, you will be representing amazing and renowned brands, directly. Iconic brands such as Mac, Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown, DKNY, Harrods, to name just a few. Upon starting your new and exciting role, you will receive specific brand immersion training which will enable you to effectively represent the brands with confidence.

So, now you know how many benefits there are to working an airside job, what’s stopping you? Apply today and let your new exciting journey commence!


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