How to land your perfect beauty industry job

15 Aug 2020 / Artisan People

Thanks to internet influencers and TV programmes like Glow Up, beauty consultant jobs are much sought after. But beauty industry careers are many and varied, and there are a number of factors to take into account in order to increase your chances of getting work. The key attributes we’re looking for are a passion for beauty and an engaging personality, as well as an interest in and knowledge of brands and a willingness to learn even more.

Personality and passion

The first thing we’ll be looking for is a passion for all things beauty. You must also have a great, outgoing personality in order to be able to engage with customers and sell and upsell products. Combined, these characteristics will mean that when you talk to customers about products and make recommendations, your passion and enthusiasm will shine through, resulting in sales.

Importantly, your personality must be the right fit for the brand you’re working for. Lifestyle brands have a completely different personality to that of Dior, for instance, so in order to get your perfect beauty industry job, your personality must complement the brand.

Knowledge and experience

It isn’t necessary to have formal experience or certification to get a job working in the beauty industry, but you must know your stuff. When it comes to makeup artistry brands, you will need a certain level of experience, but with many jobs, it isn’t necessary to have experience or certification. However, it is vital that you know your stuff, as your product and industry knowledge need to go hand in hand with your passion.

If you are looking for your first beauty position and we think you’ll be great at the job, before your first day, we will give you all the training you need so you can hit the ground running. Training will cover customer service and till training as well as specific product knowledge.


Good personal grooming is essential if you want to land a job in the beauty industry. Each brand has its own rules and requirements, and once we’ve found you work, we’ll brief you on their specific guidelines. However, we have our own minimum standards and Artisan People’s standard uniform is based around a black suit with black shirt and black shoes, neat and well maintained hair, clean hands and nails, limited jewellery, and full makeup for women. The finer details will depend upon the brand. For example, skincare brands like Aveda ask for makeup that gives a natural look, whereas makeup for contemporary brands like MAC can be more edgy.


Once we’ve had an introductory chat on the phone, we’ll arrange a place for you on an Artisan Talent School interview. In the past these were always done face-to-face, but we are currently doing most of these via Zoom calls.

We now always interview you in a group setting as it is the best way of assessing whether you will flourish when you’re working on the shop floor. We’ll see how you interact with other people and get a good idea of your personality which will enable us to match you with brands that are the best fit for you. It’s also a good setting for us to identify if there are any areas where you may need a bit of extra training, so we can be sure you have the skills and confidence to be able to do a great job.

Jobs in the beauty industry after lockdown

As you’d imagine, with the majority of shops having to close over lockdown and furlough their own staff, getting a job in the beauty industry is going to be harder than ever. We hope that you’ve used the time to upskill yourself and learn as much as possible because you will need to shine above so many other candidates.

This is exacerbated by the fact that so many people in the retail are being made redundant through no fault of their own. With so many more great candidates looking for work, our clients will be expecting a lot more from you, so it’s time to step up your game even more!

The good news is that – as things stand at the time of posting – we are expecting shops to start returning to a ‘new normal’ of business as usual from early September. To ensure we have a workforce that’s ready to go as soon as it’s needed, we have been busy recruiting and training throughout lockdown. So if you want to land your perfect beauty industry job, get in touch!


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