How to prepare for a duty free job interview

1 May 2020 / Artisan People

Duty Free jobs or Travel Retail jobs, as they are also known as, aren’t quite the same as jobs in normal high street retail stores. It’s a super exciting, fast paced environment giving you contact with thousands of passengers in transit to destinations all over the world and the opportunity to work with large luxury brands who are keen to make a lasting impact on the large volume of customers passing through. There are also comprehensive restrictions and security measures that you will need to follow, both when you go airside for an interview and when you join as a member of the team. As your specialist airside recruitment agency, Artisan People are here to guide you through the whole process to make it as easy as possible for you so that you can concentrate on being fabulous at your interview.

Security first

First of all, you will need to be aware of the security checks. We will apply for your temporary pass and will give you full instructions of how to get to the security checkpoints where it will be waiting for you. Once you’re through security, there are lots of things to do including going through your work history, checking your references and doing the usual criminal record checks. It’s really important that you bring with you your valid passport or working visa documentation if you don’t have a UK passport. There will also be lots of forms to fill in too so please allow two full hours to cover this and your interview.

It’s worth remembering that if you decide to go ahead and work airside, you will need to go through the same security checks as airline pilots and flight attendants each day when you arrive at work. So remember to factor this in when you’re working out your daily commute times. Consider which airport you’d like to work in too, bearing in mind travel distance and transport links. To further help you work out your travel to and from work, your working hours will be in shift patterns with shifts starting at 6am, 11.30am and 1.30pm and the working day ending at 10pm.

Security guidelines surrounding liquids are the same as those for passengers, so for your protection and safety, you will have to limit all liquids to less than 50ml and place them in a clear bag. Belts jackets and heels will also have to be removed as well as some jewellery (which should be kept to a minimum as detailed in our interview guide).

Image is everything

Image is extremely important so we will expect you to be exceptionally well presented both for your interview and once you start working in a travel retail role. You will have to pay careful attention to the way you are dressed including footwear, and have an immaculate finish on your hair, nails, and make up. This will help us to match you to the best brand for their personality and yours.

Nice to have

Whilst experience is desirable, it is not a necessity. The most important thing is customer service. It will help you during your interview  if you can come prepared with examples of when you have experienced outstanding customer service and tell us why. Or even better, demonstrate when you have delivered exceptional customer service and how you gauged the customer’s reaction.

Need to know

For more information on how Artisan People work, please see our website where you will find a helpful Resources section with other top tips to help you prepare for your interview. For the safety of both our staff and passengers, we are operating a safe-touch policy and you will have full training to ensure rigorous hygiene and infection control while you’re at work.


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