Which is the right temp recruitment agency for you?

7 Dec 2022 / Artisan People

Temporary work – where employers hire staff for a limited period, either directly or via an agency – offers many benefits for both employers and candidates alike. Employers in the sectors that we specialise in, including Museums & Galleries, and Luxury Beauty & Fashion, regularly depend on reliable, flexible and enthusiastic temps. Hiring temp staff on short-term contracts allows them to maintain consistently high levels of customer service as their requirements fluctuate throughout the year.

At the same time, candidates come to us looking for temp work for many reasons – with the main attraction being the flexibility these roles offer. Temp work allows people to fit their work in with other commitments such as studying or parenting. It enables people to boost their income while they’re pursuing other interests or searching for their dream role. Candidates also often choose a temp position so they can explore an industry sector or role before committing to a permanent position or to gain essential skills/experience to enhance their CV.

Why use a temp recruitment agency

There are two main options when it comes to looking for work – applying directly to potential employers or using the services of a recruitment agency. Direct applications might be suitable if you are looking for permanent work at one particular company or in a very specific role, or if you have time to wait for the perfect position. However, when you’re looking for temp work, speaking to a specialist temp recruitment agency is often the best option.

By contacting a specialist agency, you will be able to benefit from all their experience, knowledge and contacts. Many brands don’t have the resources to handle direct applications; they build long-standing relationships with agencies who they rely on to source their perfect candidates. Therefore, working with a temp recruitment agency, particularly one that specialises in your chosen sector, will give you access to a wide range of roles that you might not otherwise know about. It will also give you more opportunity to find the role that fits your specific needs, for example, part-time, full-time or shift work, or short-term or long-term work.

A good temp agency will guide you through any applications and interviews required, give you a valuable insight into the client and their requirements, provide training, and offer support throughout your temp assignment. They will also manage all contracts, payroll, taxes and admin, and ensure you are paid on time.

Selecting the right agency for you

So if you’ve decided a temp recruitment agency is your best route, how do you select the perfect agency for you? Here are the key points you should check:

  • If you are interested in a particular sector, check if they have specialist experience in that sector
  • If there are ideal companies/brands you would like to work for, check that they recruit for those companies/brands or ones of a similar type/calibre
  • Check that their roles match your requirements – part-time or full-time work, shift work, contract work, short-term or long-term work, etc.
  • Check out reviews, social media, etc., to see what others are saying about them
  • Ask how often you will get paid
  • Ask how flexible their temp roles are
  • Check if they belong to any trade associations
  • Find out what training and support is in place

Why temp with Artisan People

At Artisan People, we have been filling temp roles across the UK for over 20 years, providing a high-calibre service for candidates and clients alike. Here are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when temping with Artisan People:

  • Access to luxury brands and household names that will look great on your CV
  • Access to a wide range of temp roles throughout the UK
  • Work with a great team of experienced recruitment consultants including sector-specific experts
  • Access to flexible work that fits around your lifestyle
  • A commitment to customer service – we’ll help you refine your customer service skills to enable you to secure work anywhere
  • Comprehensive training, including inductions as well as specific training such as full brand immersion for beauty retail
  • Weekly pay

We are always looking for superstar candidates for temp roles in sectors including Museums & Galleries, and Luxury Beauty & Fashion. Experience isn’t always necessary; what’s key is reliability, flexibility and professionalism, alongside a can-do attitude and a passion for providing impeccable customer service.

If this sounds like you, get in touch or check out our jobs page for details of current roles available.


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