What to look for in a top fashion recruitment agency

1 Sep 2020 / Artisan People

There are a lot of people who would love to get a job in the fashion industry. As specialists in retail fashion recruitment, over the years we have gained a great reputation, which means we attract many excellent candidates to draw upon. If you’re looking for a fashion recruitment agency, be assured that we will only ever send high-calibre candidates for interview.

We offer a bespoke service that relies on the quality of our research as well as our relationships with our fashion clients. We will immerse ourselves in your brand to discover more about your company and its working culture, and the kind of candidates you’re looking for, to ensure they will provide your customers with a perfect experience.

Fashion brands have different priorities when it comes to recruitment – some are looking for candidates who will fit seamlessly into their team, while others are specifically looking for people with retail fashion experience. After we’ve done our research and got to know you better, we can then find candidates who we believe to be the perfect fit for both the job and your brand.

How we look for candidates

We will never send a candidate for an interview or temporary work without getting to know them ourselves first. When we are initially contacted by a candidate, we will do an initial telephone or Zoom interview. If we are happy we can help them, we will invite them to our office for a socially distanced assessment, part of which will be a chat about their interests and experience to discover how passionate they are about fashion and which areas they’re most interested in.

When we’re recruiting for a luxury fashion brand, we set candidates what we call a ‘mystery shopper’ task which involves them visiting the store of the brand in question, and then meeting with us afterwards to give feedback. We’ll make sure that they understand how the brand is presented and what is expected of the staff in terms of personal grooming as well as customer experience. We will also ask about their previous experience with the brand, whether they own any items of its clothing and why they like it. This ensures that they not only have a genuine interest in and knowledge of your brand, but also are fully prepared to be able to talk knowledgeably in their interview.

For permanent and temporary appointments

We help fashion brands with their permanent recruitment needs as well as temporary recruitment. When it comes to temporary work, we have a pool of people who are trained for each brand which enables them to be called in at short notice. This is usually 24 hours, or can even be shorter in the case of staff sickness – possibly within two hours.

We understand that engaging the services of a recruitment agency is a big commitment. We have worked with many luxury and couture brands for many years, so you can rest assured we understand your needs. However, we can also offer our services on a temporary basis to ensure you are happy before you make a commitment.


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