Careers after college – your options

14 Jul 2022 / Artisan People

You’ve finished your college course… what now?

Congratulations if you’ve just completed your degree or college course. There are no more exams – at least for a while – which means you can relax while you work out what to do next. At Artisan People, we have a number of options that will fit in with your circumstances. 

Temporary work while you look for a permanent role

You’ll probably be eager to begin your career, but if you haven’t already got a job lined up, temporary work will be a good way to earn some money and get valuable work experience in the meantime. Employers will be looking for someone with motivation, initiative and great customer service skills, so even if you haven’t found the perfect job yet, getting temporary work will show potential future employers you’re the type of person they’re looking for. And there’s no reason why temporary work can’t be interesting – unusual work will look good on your CV and give you something to talk about in job interviews.

We are always looking for temporary staff to work in Museums, Galleries and Visitor Attractions throughout the summer. There is plenty of work available, including visitor-facing roles – such as ushering, queue busting, invigilating galleries, retailing or ticketing and dealing with customers – or behind-the-scenes admin roles. You may even find work that matches your own interests, which will make a huge difference to your working day.

Temporary work that leads to permanent work

If your college course was based on Beauty & Fashion, then a temporary job could well lead to a permanent position. We work with the kind of luxury brands that are very popular and attract a great many applications whenever they advertise jobs. This means you need to find a way of standing out from the crowd, and the best way to do this is to have contacts with the brand you want to work for. By getting a temporary job, you can not only meet the people who can help you succeed, you’ll also have the opportunity to show them what you’re made of. We have had many candidates successfully getting permanent work as a direct result of working in temporary roles – some of whom are now the managers coming to us for candidates! 

The same applies if you are looking for work in the Corporate sector. There are many opportunities for temporary and permanent work for college leavers looking for roles in administration, digital marketing, operations, or accountancy and finance.  

A gap year

It may well be that after all that studying, you want to take some time off before you settle down to your career. Maybe earn some money through temporary work so you can afford to go travelling. We have plenty of opportunities for people who are motivated, proactive and enthusiastic, are great with people and have excellent customer service skills. 

We will provide you with full induction training and will make sure you have all the product knowledge training you need. We also offer online CPD training courses via the Artisan Training Foundation, so you can add to your skillbase at your own pace. 

Send us your CV

If you are looking for careers after college, click here to register for temporary jobs across the UK. We are recruiting for exciting opportunities available across a number of sectors: Beauty & Fashion, Galleries & Museums,  Digital Marketing, Retail and Corporate Hospitality. Alternatively, check out our Vacancies page for permanent positions. 


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