Careers advice for 2021

4 Jan 2021 / Artisan People

January is traditionally a very busy time of year for job hunting. Many make resolutions to look for a better job, a complete career change, or downsize to a job that better suits their lifestyle. To help you get the kind of job you really want in 2021, we’ve asked our consultants to give their careers advice to ensure you show yourself in your best light.

A great CV will take you far – Patrick Jamieson – Senior Perm consultant

My top tip to getting interviews in 2021 is a strong CV! It is hugely important to make an immediate impact with the person who initially screens your CV – they usually receive so many applications that, on average, they will only look at each CV for about 10 seconds!

Therefore you need to adapt your CV to be suitable for EVERY role you apply for. Make sure it is ‘keyword’ rich for the position you’re applying for so the screener is clear that you have the right experience. Your key skills should always match the job description as much as possible.

Start your CV with a punchy six to eight line profile paragraph that summarises your skills and how you add value – NB avoid saying things like ‘good team player’ or ‘hard working’.

Remember, a CV is a BUSINESS document and as such, should look and read like one. Bad grammar and spelling mistakes will knock you out of the process straight away!

Good luck in your job search for ‘21!

The ability to bring fragrance to life – Jamie Bradley, Head of London Retail

The most important factor for me, when recruiting for a fragrance position, is your personality! I look for candidates who can transform the shop floor into theatre, bringing the brand and fragrances to life through story telling and engaging with the customers.

We can teach you everything you need to know about fragrances; how they are made, the different families and how to introduce them to your customers, but the key factor that will define your success on the shop floor will be YOU. Your energy and ambition, constantly stopping and saying hello to every customer who passes by, making them feel welcome with a smile from ear to ear!

It sounds simple, but only the best can do this with a natural and genuine spark, and keep it up all day! And those are the special people we’re looking for at Artisan People.

Customer service excellence is key – Tilly Thorncroft, Museums & Galleries Division Manager

If you are looking to move into a career in front of house and visitor services roles, I would advise to focus on your customer service skills. If you have been working in any customer service role – e.g. retail – this will be hugely valuable, and your experience gives you fantastic tools to transfer to ticketing roles in museums and galleries. And hospitality experience – particularly in 2020 – will have equipped you with people management skills that are vital to any customer facing role in museums or galleries.

Passion for beauty – Katrina Wade, Area Manager, North West

The key factor in beginning a career in beauty or skincare is to know your OWN makeup bag. When it comes to your favourite perfume, you need to know the key notes and the “story” behind the fragrance. Know your own skin care routine and make sure you show your passion about the brands in your makeup bag or the skincare on your bathroom shelf.

When you have a passion for this industry it never leaves you. When you work with Artisan People, you’ll get help building your education and knowledge across all the most luxurious brands on the market. We need this passion from you whether you’re doing part-time work to run alongside your degree, or full- time with a view to becoming a permanent Consultant for your favourite brand. The flexibility we offer will allow you to explore talents you may not have known you even had!

No matter which brand you work for, you must always know your main competitor in the market. But mostly you need to have extensive knowledge of your own key products. The more time you invest in product knowledge the better equipped you will be to giving the best advice to your customer.

Work around your lifestyle – Marina Smith, Business Development Executive South West and East of England

Temporary work in Beauty has become very popular in a recent years. When applying for a temporary role, please make sure your CV is up to date and you`ve prepared a short Cover letter to go with it explaining why you are applying for this role. Treat this application seriously as you would when you apply for any other permanent roles. Remember, your CV is your Virtual Portfolio!

Whilst it’s true that temporary Consultants can`t enjoy full benefits of permanent employees (in most cases), but they can have something that permanent staff are not able to have:

  • Flexibility: You are in a full control of where and when you work. You can fit your work around your lifestyle, so make sure you let your Line Manager know about your availability in advance, so they can help you to secure as many bookings as you would like. And remember – if your circumstances have changed, it is important to let them know in advance, to avoid any disappointment
  • CV Enhancement and New Skills: Working with different Iconic Brands will definitely enhance your CV and give you knowledge about each Brand. You will also have an opportunity to attend different trainings and learn new skills. This means, should you decide to “settle in” to your Beauty career, you will already know which Brand will suit you best.
  • Weekly Pay: Temp work is usually paid weekly, temping is a great opportunity to earn extra money when you need it.
  • Regular Work: Your temp work can be regular. The better your performance is, the more Brands will request you back to work for them and the more inclined your agency will be to give you more shifts. Prove yourself being proactive, punctual, reliable, approachable, honest and hard-working and you will be in our top “PRO-Team” list!

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