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21 Mar 2022 / Artisan People

makeup and beauty recruitment for graduates

The choice of degree courses is far greater than it used to be. In addition to what we consider the ‘traditional’ academic degrees – science and humanities – students are now studying and graduating in areas such as fashion, makeup and beauty. Thanks to the sectors we specialise in, Artisan People is a recruitment agency for graduates across the board, not just for those looking for corporate careers.

For makeup and beauty graduates

Our specialist makeup and beauty teams have some terrific job opportunities for graduates with some of the best-known luxury beauty and fashion brands in the business. Getting a job as a professional makeup artist (MUA) is especially difficult because there are so many talented MUAs looking for work. We advise our graduates to get as much experience as possible in order to build up their skills, prove their enthusiasm and develop their contacts in the sector. It has been our pleasure over the years to place graduates in temporary roles where they’ve done so well, they have gone on to be offered permanent jobs.

For arts and history graduates

Artisan People has a great reputation for recruiting high-quality candidates for jobs at museums and galleries. We fill temporary and permanent vacancies with graduates who are motivated, flexible and passionate about their specialist subject.

These are very competitive sectors, and it is unlikely that a candidate’s ideal job would be available immediately on graduating. Whether they’re an arts graduate with ambitions to run a gallery or a historian wanting to become a museum curator, our candidates understand they may not find a direct route to their perfect career at their chosen organisation. Our advice to candidates is, therefore, to apply for temporary or permanent placements and use the opportunity to make contacts in their preferred areas and prove their worth.

Nurturing undergraduate talent

Ideally, candidates first come to us when they are undergraduates looking for paid work that fits around their studies. The kind of temporary work placements they are matched with gives them a good opportunity to learn many aspects of the organisation, whether they’re dealing directly with members of the public ‘on the shop floor’ or working behind the scenes in an administrative capacity.

Undergraduates use their time to network with the permanent members of staff. By making contacts and doing a great job, they are much more likely to be offered permanent roles after graduation. Another big advantage is that even if one of our clients is not in a position to offer one of our temporary workers a job after they graduate, we have had the chance to get to know that candidate extremely well. Much better, in fact, than we could possibly hope to get to know a candidate who waits until they’ve graduated before sending us their CV. When we know a candidate well, we’re in a great position to put them forward, once they’ve graduated, for the kind of career opportunities we know would be perfect for them. It’s this history and depth of knowledge that makes our relationship with graduate candidates so special. And that, combined with our extensive expertise and range of opportunities across multiple sectors, is what makes Artisan People the perfect recruitment agency for graduates and those looking to hire them.

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