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Artisan People is a specialist recruitment agency catering to art galleries. We understand the unique needs of a gallery and can help you find fantastic candidates that will ensure your visitors have a memorable experience.

As an art recruitment agency, we fill various roles from gallery assistants and staffing for exhibitions to security officers, front of house and managers. We also recruit for administrators, registrars and curatorial roles. With a strong focus on the art world, our Gallery recruiters are well-equipped to source the best talent possible.


Angel Garcia

Angel Garcia

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  • Why Artisan People for Your Gallery?

    The British art market is one of the largest in the world. London’s art scene in particular boasts a host of new and established galleries. Art galleries are essential links between artists, collectors, critics and the wider public, bringing together culture, education and enjoyment. However, with staffing issues and rising costs that the art gallery sector faces, it’s tough to spend resources on recruiting the right talent. If you’re struggling to fill your vacancies, we can help.

    At Artisan People, we know that you need staff who can bring the art to life. As a leading arts recruitment agency, we have found talent for leading galleries such as the National Portrait Gallery, the Serpentine Galleries and the Barbican Centre Art Gallery.

    We pride ourselves on recruiting candidates with a passion for art and a dedication to customer service. Our specialist recruiters are experienced in finding exactly who you’re looking for whether you need temporary or permanent staff. Our Gallery Clients understand that they can trust us to recruit for high volume seasonal roles, temporary staff for special exhibitions right through to highly experienced Managerial positions.

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  • Our Recruitment Process

    Screening for Passion and Knowledge

    We look for candidates with a strong interest in art and art history who are happy to work in a gallery environment and fulfil their specific role. This passion translates to engaging visitors and providing brilliant customer service. Many candidates are artists themselves, or are studying art or art history at university, which enables them to talk knowledgeably about your gallery’s exhibits and add to the visitor experience.

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  • Skills Assessment

    Excellent customer service is key. Artisan People recruiters seek candidates who can interact with a high volume of visitors professionally and efficiently and ensure gallery etiquette is followed at all times.

    Since we recruit for a variety of arts jobs, we make sure that the role matches up with the candidate’s specific skill set. In the art gallery sector, there are certain skills that practically all employees will need. For instance, excellent interpersonal and communication skills for interacting with a diverse range of visitors.

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  • Training and Development

    While qualifications are less important for visitor facing roles, we offer training to all our candidates. Through our Training Academy, we train your staff so they’ll be able to be outstanding in their role. This includes sales skills, customer service techniques, and even specific training on the gallery the candidate will be working with.

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  • Client Success Stories

    “I would just like to say a huge thank you to all of you for the help, support and understanding you have given the galleries team over the summer, you have all been amazing.”

    Victoria Kew

    – Gallery Manager, The Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art, Kew Gardens

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  • “We have been using Artisan People now for 2 years. Initially they stepped in at the very last minute when another agency let us down, and have been reliable, helpful and sent great staff ever since. Their booking process is straightforward and the team is really quick to respond to requests. I would not hesitate in recommending them for gallery staffing. They are a pleasure to deal with.”

    Zoe Jackman

    – Art Galleries Manager, Barbican

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We cater to a wide range of galleries from established institutions to new and upcoming spaces.

    We recruit for galleries nationwide, but can focus on specific locations if needed

    The time frame varies depending on the role and skills required. We have an established talent pool of contacts which we review first, whilst sharing the role on our social media channels and job boards. Suffice to say, we work diligently to find the perfect candidate as quickly as possible.

    Absolutely! We have extensive experience filling both temporary and permanent positions for some of the UK’s top galleries.

    No, we recruit for a variety of roles, including curatorial, administrative, and security positions.

    Please contact us for a no-obligation, tailored quote based on your specific needs.

    More FAQs

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